Where Will You Be at 90?

Take a moment with me and imagine your vision for your ideal life.

What year will it be when you turn 90? Insert that year below.

The Exercise

The year is 20_, and on a warm Spring evening you lie down in bed to sleep out one more night of your long and eventful life.

You are 90 years old today.

On this one evening, your mind drifts into a journey across the decades of your life…the 2010’s, 2020’s and beyond...time has flown by faster than you could ever have imagined, but you have reason to be proud and contented with how you lived out each day and each year and each decade, to end up where you are now, in the Spring of 20_. There have been challenges and there have been triumphs, and you weren’t always able to stay tightly directed in your affairs, but you realize now that the broad course of your life, your strivings and your pursuits, have stayed true to your purpose. As sleep slowly envelops your consciousness, you cannot help but smile with satisfaction and gratitude for a life well lived.

Put yourself in that moment… in the twilight years of your life… and write down what you think would be the kind of life you must have led to allow you to conclude that it was, in fact, a life well lived. Try to be as concrete and specific as you can about the kinds of things that would have needed to happen to make it this ideal life for you, as you look back at life on the day you have turned 90 years of age.


I will share my answer next week!