My Life Dreams

Every year I reflect on big dreams I have for my life and when I accomplish them I share them here.

Become an Eagle Scout (2003)

Graduate from University (2007)

Join the Peace Corps (2008)

Hug My Sister On Her Wedding Day (2009)

See Altan Ovoo (2009)

Start Painting (2009)

Make a Five Year Plan (2009)

Develop Dalai Lama Facebook App (2009)

Set Out Yearly and Monthly Themes (2009)

Learn Massage from A Professional (2010)

Visit America with Tunga (2010)

Partner with the World Health Organization (2010)

Apply To Be a Fulbright Scholar (2010)

Create Nonprofit Foundation (2011)

Finish Peace Corps on a Strong Note (2011)

Launch New Advance Humanity (2011)

Create Awesome Mongolia (2012)

Become a Peace Corps Fellow (2012)

Take Online Classes at The Academy (2012)

Launch New Dalai Quotes iPhone App (2012)

Stop Biting My Nails (2013)

Get Advance Humanity B Corps Certified (2013)

Graduate with Masters Degree (2014)

Help Tunga Get Into Graduate School (2015)

Help Jonathan Move to Vermont (2016)

Write 1000 Words a Day (2016)


Begin Teaching University Classes

Build My Own Optimist Center

Hug Tunga on Graduation Day

Write a Children's Book

Simplify My Personal Brand

Apply to Ph.D. Program

Write the 15th Dalai Lama

Save Money to Buy My Own House

Build Advance Humanity Into a Strong Organization

Learn Lots of Jokes and Riddles

Enjoy What I Am Doing No Matter What

Go Skydiving

Go Into Space

Speak at TED

Start a Successful Service Club (2004)

Complete a Meditation Retreat (2008)

Finish My Website (2008)

Become Better at Home Repairs (2009)

Only Have Things I Love and Need (2009)

Develop Peace Corps Merit Badges (2009)

Compete a Serious 3-Month Workout (2009)

Develop Dalai Lama iPhone App (2009)

Make Awesome Business Cards (2010)

Become a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader (2010)

Teach 50 People Intermediate English (2010)

Publish My First Book (2010)

Ride a Motorcycle in Mongolia  (2011)

Organize TEDx in Mongolia (2011)

Get Married to Tunga (2011)

Write My Second Book (2012)

Get New Media Group B Corporation Certified (2012)

Start Graduate School (2012)

Teach My Own Class at The Academy (2012)

Get Advance Humanity B Corps Certified (2013)

Launch New Website (2013)

Write My First Traditionally Published Book (2013)

Organize an Online Conference (2014)

Start B Corps 101 (2015)

Begin Learning Graphic Design (2016)

Begin Doing Executive Coaching (2016)


Build My Online Program

Create My Own Writing Retreat

Write a Book for High School

Lead a Summer Program

Buy a Tesla

Build a Location Independent Lifestyle

Decide on Moving to Europe

Live a Simple Life

Have Children and Become a Dad

Be As Good A Dad As My Dad

Meditate Everyday

Share Incredible Experiences With My Friends

Meet the Dalai Lama

Visit Tibet & Dharmasala

Become a Really Good Storyteller





If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.
— Henry David Thoreau