Peace Corps

A lot of people ask me about Peace Corps: what it was like, how it changed me and what I think about the organization. In short, I love Peace Corps, it changed my life forever and it was an incredible experience that I could never fully describe.

However, I definitely tried.

During my service I wrote over 300 blog posts and I wrote a book about it.

Actually, I wrote two books. And then I taught a class called Peace Corps 101. If you are interested in applying I think that's a great place to start.

In case you'd like to see some of my favorite blog posts from my three years of Peace Corps service, I thought I'd include those here.

Pace yourself, this is a lot...



  1. How Far Will You Go? - early thoughts on Peace Corps
  2. Highly, Highly Unusual - letter from Peace Corps after my second decline
  3. Embarrassing YouTube Video - getting my invitation to Mongolia
  4. Surprise - Peace Corps response to my video
  5. Overwhelmed - preparing to leave for Mongolia


  1. Staging - the training before training
  2. Traveling Days - the chaotic first few weeks
  3. Travel Journal - a summary of three months of training
  4. The Girl I've Been Looking For - a cute story about my host family
  5. Surprises - my first Peace Corps friend who went home


  1. Worst Day of Peace Corps Service - the inevitable poop story
  2. Interview with the Art of Manliness - answers to common Peace Corps questions
  3. Visiting Home & Freak Out List - a trip home for my sister's wedding
  4. Children's Camp - an amazing summer
  5. Stress Mess - advice for PCVs with stress
  6. Crag Insanity - an outdoor event that reminded me of Nickelodeon GUTS
  7. A Talk with Tunga's Family - a conversation on communism and freedom
  8. Two Year Mark - finishing my second year
  9. PCVL - becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader
  10. 10 for 3 - reflections on Peace Corps' third goal
  11. Mongolian Wedding - getting married to my wonderful wife
  12. Three Year Pizza - reflections on slow change
  13. TEDxUlaanbaatar - the first TEDx event in Mongolia
  14. The End of My Time in the Peace Corps - the end
  15. Thank You, Peace Corps - acknowledgements


  1. Timeline - a brief timeline of my service
  2. Service - a description of my first two years
  3. Handbook - the book I wrote about Peace Corps
  4. Projects - some of my projects during Peace Corps
  5. DOS - an official description of my service
  6. Enough - the book of all my lessons learned
  7. Peace Corps 101  - a class for anyone who loves Peace Corps
One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.
— John F. Kennedy