My Yearly Themes

I have a theme every year inspired by Goal Free Living.


YEAR OF Love (2018)

I'm focusing on Tunga, my optimist program, teaching and advising my graduate students, running the optimist center, and preparing to start a family.


I built the optimist center, helped Tunga graduate, taught high school, college and four graduate classes, stepped up in leadership, and launched my optimist program.

YEAR OF Happiness (2016)

I wanted my year to be about my top value and really explore what it meant to me. I also took on several new jobs and projects with amazing people.

YEAR OF focus (2015)

I came into the year with a job loss and helping Tunga get into graduate school. I also focused more on freelancing and started to do more coaching.

Year of Simplicity (2014)

I pared things down, simplified my personal and professional life, and got back to the people and things I loved most. I also finished my thesis and graduate school.


I focused on bringing together all of the various projects, organizations and initiatives I was involved in, unifying them under Advance Humanity.

Year of Awesomeness (2012)

 I began focusing on launching Advance Humanity as a social movement, spent the year developing the website, working with New Media Group and starting graduate school.

Year of Reflection (2011)

I focused on getting married, finishing my time with Peace Corps, writing Enough and spent more time meditating, slowing down and experiencing things more deeply.


I wanted to define greatness for myself and my life. I wrote in the theme statement: This year I want to live my greatest life in the greatest service to others.


I began deciding what the idea of Advance Humanity was all about, how I wanted to share it with others and how they could join in the effort.

Year of Endeavor (2008)

I left for Peace Corps and began living and working in Mongolia as a Health Volunteer. I wanted to see the whole year and every day as an adventure.

Year of Discovery (2007)

I graduated from college, applied to Peace Corps and prepared for discovering new things about the world and myself. Mark Twain's quote really inspired me.


Make things as simple as possible.
— Albert Einstein