#24 Working in a coffee shop

One of my favorite places to hangout is the coffee shop. As an entrepreneur, this can also be my workplace.

IMG_2084Here's a little picture of Panera Bread near my house. *Bonus points for the fireplace!*

Coffee shop awesomeness may include:

  • A wonderfully light din of people chatting
  • A delicious smell of coffee and baked goods
  • Super soft comfy chairs
  • Surprisingly fast and free wifi

It's like working from a bookstore, but a little louder and more lively. Plus the snacks, oh the snacks.

I'm not sure what you're waiting for, if you can be at a coffee shop right now go find one. Or make a list of your Top 10 favorites so you can remember and visit them later.


This is #24 in the comfy and decaffeinated series 100 Things Entrepreneurs Love where I remember little awesome reasons why I love being an entrepreneur.