The Tale of Two Writers

Two writers sit down to write. One writes for five hours. One writes for one hour.

Who do you think got more quality writing done?

The second writer did.

It's a trick question.

The first writer scribbled everything down on a napkin first. Then he copied it into his favorite moleskin journal. Then rode it very clearly with great grammar on a legal pad. He then typed it into a typewriter and reviewed it as a manuscript. Finally the editor took the manuscript and published it in a book. That's how long chapter 1 took. After five grueling hours all the writer wanted to do was rest.

The second writer finished several chapters in one hour. She skipped the napkin, moleskin journal, legal pad and typewriter. In fact she skipped the editor and publishing company too. She knew she wanted her final product to be an ebook for the world to see and worked on that from the beginning. She spent her extra time meditating, relaxing outside, hiking around a mountain, and boosting her creativity so that she could sit down and write so more. After her five hours all this writer wanted to do was write some more.

Be the second writer.

Write smarter, not harder.

We want to see what you've written.