Inspiration to Write and Finish

I loved an article from Nathan Barry this week,

A lot of people get to where you are now. A half finished book, an iPhone app with just a few customers, or the perfect idea that just needs circumstances to fall into place before they can build it. These people, like you, are on the brink of something great. Truly changing their own lives and careers through what they can create…

Back in high school I had friends who always had big ideas, which they talked about loudly and frequently, but nothing ever happened. Years later I’d run into them and they’d still be talking about the epic trip they are going to go on or the company they are going to start. But after years, nothing has happened. That’s not you.

As my friend Jeff Goins says, ”You can outlast those who are lucky and out-work those who are lazy.” That’s how you win.

Nathan is definitely speaking right to me. That is where I am with so many projects.

It’s easy to get half-finished, or even 99% finished, and not push all the way.

Interestingly Leo wrote a similar article on Zen Habits this week, speaking right to me too in How I Tackle a Big Writing Project.

It’s a wonderful piece and talks through, with quite a bit of humility, how Leo was able to complete an eBook in just two days. It seems amazing but really it’s not.

In my experience the actual time I spend writing is minimal usually. I think about something for 10 hours for every hour of writing I actually get done. In his case he just skipped all that middle work, which I talked about earlier this week in The Tale of The Two Writers, and just did the 10 solid hours he needed to write the book.

I love it.

I’m inspired by both Nathan and Leo and I’m eager to reconnect with my inner writer more in the coming days.

Whatever it is that you are wanting to do deep done, I hope you can reconnect with that too.