How to Be Notified Hourly of a Change Online for Free

by Travis Hellstrom


I love Apple products. So when my friend Steve told me about a nearby nonprofit that takes old iMacs, iPods, MacBooks and more to fix up and sell, I was in love.

I loved going in the store, but it's a bit of a drive so as much as I'd love to stop by every week it just isn't feasible.

Every day or two they update their website with their newest refurbished products, which is great. But I also didn't want to keep checking their website every day to see what has changed. So I asked myself:

How could I be notified of changes on their website right when they happen?


Luckily I found a few awesome (and free) answers. My two favorites:

  • VisualPing - an email within an hour of the webpage being updated
  • Page Monitor - a widget for your browser with notifications

  Pretty cool!

If you are ever finding yourself wanting to check something regularly online, like a local theater website or some place with awesome deals, consider using this fun method.

Whatever it is, you can be the first to know.    

Here is a fun video by my friend Steve all about the nonprofit Wincycle.