Why I Love Bouncing Into Other Entrepreneurs

It can be lonely being an entrepreneur. We love being around awesome people, but the nature of our work means we are often alone.

We work on the computer, we brainstorm on whiteboards, we design, create, write, have meetings and we can do all of this in our pajamas.

So when we get a chance, we love to bounce into other inspiring entrepreneurs. We find them online, at conferences, in coffee shops, in the woods, downtown, on Skype, pretty much everywhere. If we're lucky, we might even set up weekly calls with them and get to hang out more often.

These are our people. They are optimists, innovators, problem-solvers, mentors and inspirations.

Thank you for being who you are and for being our friends.


If you want extra inspiration, here's one of my favorite entrepreneurs Derek Sivers. I was lucky enough to see Derek in person at the World Domination Summit this year and chat together with him over email for the past several years. He's an amazing guy.


This is #8 in the bouncy and optimistic series 100 Things Entrepreneurs Love where I remember little awesome reasons why I love being an entrepreneur.