Mister Rogers


I have the pictures of several people on the wall of my office - people I admire and want to model my life after. One of those pictures is of Mister Rogers. Actually, it's a picture him laughing together with the Dalai Lama. What a wonderful meeting that must have been.

This weekend I watched the documentary Mister Rogers & Me made by a young man who was his neighbor on Nantucket Island. It was touching and reminded me again of why I love having a picture of him laughing on my wall.

Mister Rogers is a man who spent his life living in a deep and simple way. He wanted to make the world a safer and more loving place for children. And he created that safe and loving place for them on his show.

Mister Rogers told us that each of us is special just for being ourselves and we each deserve love and respect. He also showed us that each of us makes a very real difference in the world by using our talents in service to others (entrepreneurs included).

If you'd like to watch more, I've included the documentary below so you can enjoy it. If you'd like to read more, I recommend this and The World According to Mister Rogers which you can find here and in your local library.

Thank you for making today a special day just by being yourself.


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