Fastest Rapper in the World? This Guy Watsky


I've written before about Macklemore and how musicians going crazy give me goosebumps.

Here's a guy who is following right along with Macklemore, as Mic wrote:

Rap is poetry — even Jay Z says so. That's why it's unsurprising that 27-year-old slam poet Watsky might be the next big rapper of our generation.... Watsky, in an interview with USA Today, said "People like me and Macklemore are telling our own stories for an audience that may not have a context for the founding fathers of rap." Like the best poets and rappers, Watsky takes that responsibility seriously and delivers honestly and vulnerably.

I watched one of his videos, then two, then ten.

He's very talented and it's interesting to think how far he'll go.

Check out his videos below and see if you enjoy him as much as I do.  

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