#13 Having Multiple Sources of Income


You may have heard the saying,

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

Makes sense.

Don't risk everything on the success of one venture.

Entrepreneurs take this seriously, it's one reason they work for themselves.

As anyone who has lost a job can tell you, it can feel like your whole basket full of eggs (income, savings, benefits) breaking all at once.

Instead of having one big client (like an employer) entrepreneurs love to have multiple sources of income such as consulting work, working with several clients, side jobs, selling products, royalties, coaching, investments and much more.

In that way an entrepreneur might say put one egg in a backpack, one in a drawer, scramble one of them with cheese, keep another in your hand, one in a basket and then convert one of them into bitcoin.

If you diversify your income, work with better and better clients, stop trading time for money and eventually have that elusive smart passive income everyone talks about, then you'll be sitting pretty.  

This is #13 in my diverse and scrambled series 100 Things Entrepreneurs Love where I remember little awesome reasons why I love being an entrepreneur.