Why We Need You to Stand Up

by Travis Hellstrom

  It’s easy not to trust yourself. To wait. To do what you’re told instead.

The lizard brain, the part of you that has evolved over millions of years to be afraid and spark your muscles into running at a moment’s notice, doesn’t trust the quiet voice.

The little voice inside us that tells us we are destined to do something great.

The little voice that gets louder every time you meditate. Every time you sit quietly for a minute or two, or for a few hours during a retreat, the little voice gets louder and louder. Eventually it’s yelling at you. How could you not listen?

Well, like I said, it’s easy not to trust yourself.

The little voice demands things from us. Reach out to that person. Pick that up. Finally do that thing you’ve been avoiding. Write that book. Go on that trip. Send off that application. Leap.

The television doesn’t demand anything of us. Sit there with that silly look on your face. I don’t care. Just watch me.

The whiners and the haters want even less. Just give up. Stop being different. Stop standing out. Just stop. Be like us. Whine. Hate. Blame.

The trouble is, the price is too high. If you don’t trust yourself. If you wait. If you do what you’re told. You are finished.

Stand up. We need you.