#52 Seeing the best in people

The entrepreneurs I know have a way of seeing the best in people. They focus on the good, they see people's strengths and personality types, and realize that we all express love differently. They also help people see their own potential and celebrate it.

They surround themselves with people they love and create awesome things together.

It's easy to get started seeing the best in people. Here are a few tips:

  1. Take a step back, relax and breathe
  2. Think about two people you are grateful for in your life
  3. Reflect on the qualities you really love about them
  4. Consider sending them a little thank you text, email or note
  5. Reflect on one person per day you're grateful for and tell them

We all love being appreciated.

And each of us can be that appreciative person any day.


This is #52 in my positive and upbeat series 100 Things Entrepreneurs Love where I remember little awesome reasons why I love being an entrepreneur.