Why You Should Know Your Love Languages

Everyone speaks different languages to communicate love. Unfortunately, we don't always take the time to understand what language we are speaking.

The key is to be fluent in the language of the people you care about.

In The 5 Love Languages (which has sold over 8 million copies) Gary Chapman suggests that there are five ways to express love: acts of service, physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts and words of affirmation.

5ll_icon-service 5ll_icon-touch 5ll_icon-quality 5ll_icon-gifts 5ll_icon-affirmation

Each of us has a different favorite language and combination of which are most important to us.

As Gary says, "If your friend or spouses's language is quality time, you can wash her car and take out the trash every week, but she will not feel loved until you sit across from her, linger over a cup of coffee, and look into her eyes."

The chances are good that your friend or spouse’s primary language is not your language. It is important not only to speak their love language, but also to listen in that language. Translate for yourself so that you can receive their expressions of love to you.

Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to becoming bilingual to communicate love more effectively in your life. Visit this link to 5lovelanguages.com and take the test at the top to understand what means the most to you.

It has helped me tremendously in my relationships and I actually recommend all of my clients and colleagues take it as well so that we understand each other that much better.

And it's one more awesome tool to have in your entrepreneurial toolkit too!  

This is #20 in my new series 100 Awesome Things for Entrepreneurs where I remember little awesome reasons why I love being an entrepreneur.