Why Great Presenters Are Boring People

Here's something fun, I just read an article entitled "Why Great Presenters are Boring People" and loved it! The basic premise is that if you look at anyone who is really successful (including great presenters) they are usually very predictable and "boring" people.

They are the people who turn in early, guard their time, say "no" to things, work for hours at a time writing or perfecting their craft.

This is a wonderful question to ask yourself, "How could you be more boring?"

What could you commit to doing today that, even though boring, might be something that will improve your life, your relationships and make you a happier person in the long run. Maybe it's running a marathon, writing a book, or meditating every morning for twenty minutes (that's mine right now).

Whatever it may be, embrace the boring!

Check out this presentation to see more.