Write on the First Page

By Travis Hellstrom


Purchashing a journal can be hard, but not as hard as writing on the first page.

Every journal I’ve ever purchased has a blank first page. I always want to write something brilliant, something incredible, to start what could be the best idea-filled journal I ever write in. So, I skip to the fifth page or so and start writing there. I am confident, for some reason, that the brilliant idea will come to me sometime in the future. Until then, the page remains blank.

Like I said, every journal I’ve ever had (still) has a blank first page.

Not anymore.

This is my first blank page of my new website and I’d like to fill it with two things: my dreams and my promises.



My dreams here include:

  • Simplicity - I want to share my personal journey as I make sense of coming back from the Peace Corps and try to be an everyday humanitarian.
  • Hope - I want to bring creative ideas, inspiration and resources to people who honestly want to change the world. You know who you are.
  • Gratitude - I want to be proud of what I create here and remain appreciative of the time I have to write and reflect.
  • Fun - I want this to be fun, a lot of fun.



I promise to myself and my readers:

  • Honesty - I will write how I honestly feel, not only what I think people might want to read.
  • Fun - I will have fun doing this and hopefully that will rub off.
  • Brevity - I will keep articles short and to the point.
  • Consistency - I will write every week.


That’s it for now.

Time to flip to the second page.