Why You Deserve to Be Around Energy Givers

There are certain people out there who are givers: they give energy, love, support and excitement to those around them. They are generous and sweet, fun and exciting, and (not too surprisingly) people love being near them.

You deserve to be around those people.

But how?

The price of being around people like that is that you need to be a giver too.

Think about who you know that meets that description: they give you energy, love, support and excitement. You love just being around them.

Now think about what you could give to them. For instance, could you maybe...

  • Send them a compliment
  • A nice thank you email
  • An actual thank you note
  • A book they might like
  • A small package in the mail
  • Take them out to coffee
  • Buy them lunch or
  • Take them on a hike

I have done every single one of those things at least once in the last month and it’s always worked out great.

You may have noticed they are listed in increasing complexity and price. Pick one that feels comfortable for you right now and try it out on someone special. I promise something amazing will happen.


This is #80 in my energetic series 100 Awesome Things for Entrepreneurs where I remember little awesome reasons why I love being an entrepreneur.