March Preview: Mindful Eating

by Faith Terwilliger

There are not too many things more personal that have an impact on ourselves and our world, than what we choose to put into our bodies for nourishment. The foods we choose to eat can mean the difference between health and disease for our bodies, our environment and the animals with whom we share our planet.

Throughout the month of March we will explore the ramifications of our food choices. We will examine the advantages and disadvantages of eating locally sourced food. And, yes, there are disadvantages. This is a more complicated issue than many people realize.

Other questions that will be explored include: What are the implications of our meat and dairy heavy diet in the United States and fast spreading to the rest of the world? Do we have a duty to be conscious about how we treat animals that we raise for our food? Do we have a right to raise animals for food at all? How do our food choices affect world hunger, spiraling medical costs and our disappearing forests, animals and fish? And most importantly, what can we do about it?

And lastly, how can we be mindful each and every time we sit down to eat? What practices do others have that we may want to incorporate into our own daily routine to help us to be present, thankful and mindful of the sacrifices of others so that we can be nourished?

Join the discussion with our host and nutrition coach, Faith Terwilliger from TLC for Your Life, as we explore this important topic.