52 Questions for a Better Relationship is a simple book is designed to help you build a loving relationship with someone you love. These questions are meant to serve several functions. They can help you start a conversation, make a conversation more interesting, reconnect with who you really are, learn more about yourself and your partner, and deepen your relationship with people you love.

They are also meant to complement my first book 52 Questions for a Better Friendship. Some are simple and funny, some are deep and serious, but hopefully all of them are fun.

I've decided to offer this book as a pay-what-you-like book for two reasons. First, I think anyone who buys a paperback book should get the eBook for free and I'd like to do that based on the honors system. Second, I believe in the pay it forward model and think it's fun to let people show how much they enjoy something by allowing them to pay what they like for it. I appreciate anything you are willing to give as a thank you.