YOu must be pretty great

This secret page is for incredible people like you who are supporting me as I build the Optimist Center. You might even be one of our first members! Below I've added documents, photos, a virtual tour of the space, behind the scenes videos and more. Thank you for being part of this adventure with me!



Photos of Space







Why Am I Doing This?

I've always dreamed of having my own cafe or bookstore: an inspired  like Ben Franklin's Junto where great people meet, collaborate and make things happen. I dreamed this would happen years from now but it looks like it could happen sooner.

 Also my wife Tunga and I have dreamed of building a community center in Sukhbaatar, Mongolia which can be both a women's empowerment center and learning center. We think this could be a wonderful opportunity to test the model.


INSPIRATIONS and supporters

Jennifer Belton

Bob Seelert

Tunga Hellstrom

Peter Reed

Oliver Reed

Judy Hellstrom

Jason Drebitko

Rachel Shields

Rolf Diamant

Kelsa Summer

Nicola Shipman

Jill Davies

Dillan DiGiovanni

Barry Milstone

Joe DiNatale

Gary Thulander

Jay Bragdon

Bob Knowles

Tristan Toleno

Phillip Walz

Amanda Silver

Emily Hvalka

Ashley Veenema

Jonathan Huffman

Jackie Fisher

Faith Terwilliger

Bari Ramirez

Vin Ramirez

Sam DiNatale

Amy Robb

Mary MacVey

Michael Doten

Lori Hanau

Nat Hellstrom

Bonnie Nelson

Elias Hellstrom

Nira Grannot Fox

Steve Fox

Charlie Kimbell

If you can dream it, you can do it.
— Walt Disney