What is TED?


I've received a lot of interested and excited feedback about the TEDxUlaanbaatar event since the last post about it! Thank you all for your support and excitement! I also noticed there were some questions about TED, so I thought I could write a little bit here about what exactly the TED conference is and what we will be doing at TEDxUlaanbaatar.

200234_200695353288819_199018770123144_651593_657257_nTED started in 1984 as a conference about technology, entertainment and design. Today it brings together people from all walks of life: experts in their field, visionaries for the future and interesting people who have done amazing things. The TED conference happens annually and brings together thousands of participants in person and hundreds of millions of people online through amazing TEDTalks that are available for free to everyone in the world. TED inspires me and has inspired me for years.

TEDx events are independently organized events that happen all around the world, inspired by the TED conference format. They can be organized by anyone, but are licensed by TED. For two years I have been wanting to do a TED event in Mongolia, but it wasn't until I met Mende that I saw how it might be possible. We met late last year and began planning the event and just this month were liscened by TED to hold a TEDx event here in Mongola this year. Mende is an outstanding and accomplished man (and just as young as I am!) with an incredible team supporting what is sure to be an incredible event. TEDxUlaanbaatar will be an event by Mongolians for the world, bringing together composers, economists, teachers, organization founders, and visionaries who will be speaking about the past, present and future of Mongolia. I am very proud to be part of this first event, the first of its kind in Mongolian history.

I hope I answered some of the questions out there about what TED is and what TEDxUlaanbaatar will be. To learn more about TED, visit TED.com and check out a video or two to hear what a TEDTalk is like. And be sure to visit Facebook to keep up with TEDxUlaanbaatar as it continues to develop. Thanks!

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