Are you easily distracted when online?

I just read this great suggestion from Litemind. Luciano writes:

Imagine you have some important work to do at the computer. I bet you know the drill: you sit down to get it done... but then resistance kicks in. You want to check that last email ("just this one, really!"). And then you go for that last news check ("quickly, I promise!"). And Facebook. And Twitter... You know how this story ends: suddenly, your day is gone. It happens too often, doesn't it?
To avoid that problem, one trick that works really well for me is to set the 'start page' (or 'home page') in my browser to a page that reminds me to focus on what I should really be doing.
Every time I open the browser, I have an extra checkpoint -- yet another chance -- to escape from automatic behaviors that could sidetrack me.
To understand exactly what I mean, check the start page I use:
Granted, sometimes the urge to procrastinate wins regardless, but this saves me from getting sidetracked almost every day. The advice on the byline is just too wise to ignore -- the reason it works so well for me is because it reminds me it's all about choices, not about forcing myself to work.
If you like the idea of having a "focus start page" and don't want to create your own, feel free to use the one I created. You can even steal it and save it locally to a folder on your computer so that it loads even faster.

I definitely stole his idea and made my own page with a few additional suggestions: Whatever you choose to do, I hope it reminds you that you always have a choice. Good luck staying focused!
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