Life, Death and Taxi Drivers

Travel, especially when I fly around the world, makes me really think about my life and possible death. Maybe it's shows like LOST where planes fall out of the sky, or how exact times and dates are when I travel, or the occasional erratic taxi driver that reminds me of my temporary stay here on this earth. Yes, my time here is limited. No, it's unlikely I will know when it will end. Yes, this taxi driver is a little crazy.

When we get that chance to remember our own temporary nature, it often calls us to act. We should do today what is truly important, what we really believe in. If we aren't sure how long we'll be here, let's assume not long and act accordingly. That way no matter how long we live, we can be proud of how we spent our time. The people we loved, the projects we worked on, the help we were able to give to those in need, and the things we have learned make life worth living.

Maybe that's one reason I love the Peace Corps so much, everything about it reminds me on a daily basis that I have today to do good work, be the person I know I should be, and do what I can to make a difference. That makes every smile on the street and every conversation I have a little more important, because when it comes down to it those might be the last things I ever do.

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