From Conference to Summer Camps

Bagi, Me, Tunga, Gana and her little cousin
The Conference last week on Children's Camp Leadership was incredible, I am amazed by the energy and excitement of the Peace Corps Volunteers (12 M20 Volunteers) and their Mongolian colleagues (20 workers from health departments, children's centers and much more). I had incredible interactions with wonderful people and feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and teach alongside everyone else. Tunga was also a trainer during the conference and she really enjoyed it, I think she did great. It was a lot of fun to be together in the capital for the first time and we even got a chance before and after the conference to spend time with her best friends Gana and Bagi who Tunga only gets to see every few months.

Tunga and Me Outside During Training
As we finish up the conference and approach this summer all of the participants are designing projects to be implemented during and following summer camps this year. Each community has roughly $1,500 dollars to spend to send children to camp who might not otherwise be able to go, to develop better lessons and summer camp activities, to implement life skills clubs after camp and much more. It's up to the Mongolian participants, Peace Corps Volunteers and their friends to decide what their projects will accomplish. Yesterday morning, for instance, Alex Yang and I met with Tunga, Enkhnara, the Tumee, Children's Center Director of Summer Camps to finalize our plans for our community's project. It's an amazing opportunity and we are very excited. We are planning to provide a great 10-day summer camp for 60 children and scholarships for children who could not normally afford to go, provide training for local social workers and teachers interested in teaching life skills to children, boost the impact of existing life skills clubs for children at the hospital and also offer a free day camp  series for children in the city. We have a busy summer ahead of us!

Julie, Me, Molly and Tunga after our Extravaganza
Lastly, to help us all better prepare for the summer, we are working together on Facebook and our Wiki to develop a PDF Summer Camp Toolkit in Mongolian and English. We are very excited about all the lessons, activities, games and suggestions it will include for summer camp workers. It will be distributed out to all provinces electronically and might also be printed as well. If you want to join us, please jump in! We're excited to have you join us any way you can!

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