Yes. Very.

If something frustrates you do you just accept it? No. Something needs to change. Either with your own mindset or the situation. It's important to know which needs to change and sometimes it's hard to know.

Sometimes I think this system is broken. People do their time and they punch the clock. They get in trouble, they get told what to do and they do it. They play games and look busy. They fill out reports. They feed their families. Why? What's the point? I ask why. They don't know. Why do I care? Because I don't want to waste my life. I don't care to be around people who don't care about life.

Tunga asks me what's wrong. What I'm writing. I stare out the window and think about how to sum it all up. Why am I frustrated? Because I want to help the Mongolian people be happy. I want to help them. I want to fix them.

"Are you happy?" I ask her.

"Yes. Very."

Most of the time I don't bring an open, loving, secure, peaceful person to my interactions. I bring a closed, selfish, insecure, unhappy person to others. I would not normally be friends with a person like this but here I am introducing him to everyone I know and letting him speak for me. Deep down I want to help others, but often what I do is hand them my baggage and problems like presents.

When I ask her if she's happy and she says yes and means it, I realize why she is my teacher and I am her student.