Two Rooms

If you had two rooms in your living space that you could do absolutely anything with, what would you want? Money and space don't matter. It can be as big or small as you want and have anything inside it.

I love asking my friends questions like these, to see what their dreams are and what is really important to them. One of my friends told me they would want a "soft room you can dive into with bed that comes down out of a mural painted wall" and a second room that was a "study room with an apple tree and a peach tree growing up through the floor with a hammock in between with ropes that pull you up in the air when a button is pressed and a garden of fresh lettuce." Nice!

Another of my friends would want a "simple glass nature room with seating in the middle and a guitar, the second room would be a guest room designed entirely by my girlfriend," while yet another friend wanted a "music studio and coffee/game/theater room."

So I ask you, if you could create any two rooms, what would you want?