Our Story of Human Rights

Human Rights have a long history right up until our present day, as is beautiful demonstrated in these two videos. The first is the I Have A Dream speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This was a TEDTalk video chosen by Chase and an incredibly powerful reminder of where America has been walking from for over four decades. The second is an incredible video by the United Nations, passed along to me by Greg, which sums up the history of human rights as a powerful and striking story.

The story of human rights - universal, inalienable human rights - is still being written by each of us. We put pen to paper every time we buy fair trade products or look the other way not caring where the products come from or who made them. We add another sentence to the chapter when we say we love all people but we treat our family and friends better than we treat our neighbors and brothers and sisters around the world. We tell the story to our children when they watch how we act and see what we do to live out our beliefs. Human rights are up to us. As soon as you finish reading this sentence, you have the pen in your hand. What are you writing?