Star Potter

My brother, sister and I love the Harry Potter books. Before I left for Peace Corps we would read the books together late into the late, reading out loud in ridiculous voices until we fell asleep. Leighanna and Elias were particularly fond of my Dolores Umbridge impression. On one occasion our love of Harry Potter met our love to think up new crazy stuff, and this produced Star Potter. Here's what I can remember, hopefully Anna and Eli can continue the details of the saga...

Bookisode 1  |  Star Potter and Yodadore's Secret Stash
Star Potter meets up with Ron2-D2 and Princess Hermidala to train together at Hogoo's Academy of Spacecraft and Wizitry when they soon learn the legend of the deadly Vadermort who gave Star his star scar at the age of two and three-quarters. Here they meet Hagwoka and His Trading Post for Mystical Creatures, their Defense Against the Dark Space Professor Batman and His Trusty Sidekick Baskin Robbins, and their Headmaster Yodadore.

Bookisode 2  |  Star Potter and The Return of the Questionable Constellation
When all hope is lost and the stars align for the first time in 3000 years, the questionable constellation returns along with the elite Order of the Wizi who have been missing for centuries. In his second attempt to return to Dark Space Vadermort is trumped by Star Potter once again, and his newfound friend and henceforth knighted professor sidekick Sir Baskin Robbins moves up from a yellow wandsaber to a purple wandsaber. Dobwa, the spacecraft elf, also makes an appearance in this bookisode and warns Star Potter of the dangers of Deatharstarscaban.

Bookisode 3 | Star Potter and The Prisoner of Deatharstarscaban
Coming soon (right Anna?)...