Published This Year

One of my dreams this year is to finish writing the Unofficial Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook. I have been writing for 3 years, covering everything from the application, to training, to making the most of your service. To my knowledge this would be the first book on Peace Corps which helps a Volunteer by answering questions and sharing advice throughout the entire process of service. I read and enjoyed "So You Want to Join the Peace Corps" but this handbook goes beyond an interest in Peace Corps, discussing the challenges that we all face as Volunteers and the lessons we've learned so that not everyone has to learn them the hard way.

I am fortunate to have a talented and wise team of people around me, including some of my best friends and the best Volunteers that I know, to share their advice and experiences. I'm not sure what the future of this handbook will be, it might make it's way into the Invitation packets or the digital shelves of, but whatever the case the goal will always be helping Peace Corps Volunteers to have a happier and more successful experience starting right from the very beginning. I am very excited and look forward to writing the next 10,000 words this year.