Things in life can get difficult. Experiences. Changes. Surprises. Difficulties. But when I wonder how things could be better, I always realize that things are very, very good. No matter what. No matter how bad things get, my life is still very, very good. My work. Friends. Surroundings. Hobbies. Free Time. Relationship. Love. So good in fact that when I consider even one of these good things by themselves, just one of my close friends for instance, I realize just having that one person with me makes my life incredible. I choose to be positive about my life, through all of its ups and downs, because I have thought out the alternatives, considered other paths, and realized that things right now are way better that I could have ever predicted or (more importantly) could have ever planned out. Every moment seems to bring something incredible into my life and the more I choose to see those moments as opportunities the more I enjoy them.