The Future of Peace Corps

I'm very interested and invested in the future of the Peace Corps. That future is being written by current and past Volunteers as well as by our present leadership in Peace Corps headquarters in Washington. Here are two documents that have been of particular interest to me recently:
  • All Hands Meeting (January 2010) 
    • A full staff meeting lead by our new Peace Corps Director Aaron Williams
    • Highlights an Office of Innovation that will seek out global best practices
    • Shows target of 10,000 Volunteers by 2011 and 12,000 by 2012
    • The readjustment allowance will be increased soon (probably within two years)
  • From Obama's Desk (Spring 2009) 
    • Transition Team Report on Peace Corps for President Obama
    • Great suggestions from an objective view on the Peace Corps agency
    • A fascinating look at how unique a government organization Peace Corps is

    I encourage others, especially Peace Corps Volunteers, to take a look at those documents to see an inside view of where our organization is going. It's a wonderful time to be part of Peace Corps and I look forward to helping any way out I can starting right here in our little town in eastern Mongolia.