An Agile Mind

Chase and I have started our own TED Talks where we watch one TED video a week and discuss it together on Skype. My choice for this week was the agile mind of Clifford Stoll who inspires me with his high level of intelligence but even more with his wisdom and humility. He has taken his values and applied them not only in the ivory tower where he teaches graduate students, but on main street when he teaches eighth grade students.

By far my favorite part of his talk is the end, when he gives us a glimpse into his past and into the way his mind works (which reminds me a lot of Chase in fact). His final quote is from the bell tower inscription which he reads while asking himself, “Why am I here?”

All truth is one. In this light may science and religion endeavor here for the steady evolution of mankind from darkness to light, from narrowness to broadmindedness, from prejudice to tolerance, it is the voice of life which calls us to come and learn.

We end each of our TED Talks with the chance to create our own TED Challenge. We decided together that the TED Challenge this week is for each of us to answer the question, "What is my purpose for my life?"