Leadership Lessons

I had a very helpful conversation with my dad about leadership and our Peace Corps Merit Badges project. I want to be a good leader and help this project to do a lot of good for lots of people, so I asked him about how to be a good leader when running an organization like this. He could think of three things to keep in mind: (1) surrounding yourself with talented people, (2) being open to new ideas, and (3) being reflective and trying to improve.

He also talked about staying true to your principles and being clear about the vision of why we do what we do. He felt our mission of helping others and doing good work shows through our organization and our activities. Volunteers, family and friends, see the story that we are writing and the grassroots effort that we are beginning as a way to improve the lives of our community and the Peace Corps community and that is what they are buying into when they join the project and become part of the story.

It will be very important for us to be clear about our dream for this project, since it seems that every time we dream, the dreams come true. I am surprised and honored by the people who are already involved in the project and I am very excited to see where it goes in the coming months.