Gandhi Jeans

Homegrown organic Gandhi Jeans. The newest fragrance, Mother Teresa's Compassion. Trademarked Words of Wisdom from Jesus, Inc. The biggest and bestest buns at Buddha's Burgers...

I'm glad Gandhi never made jeans, Jesus didn't incorporate, Mother Teresa didn't commercialize and Buddha didn't franchise. Does it seem silly that they would? Don't think it didn't occur to them. There are plenty of temptations out there to own, control, manipulate and capitalize on others for fame, power and wealth. It is one of the greatest temptations for any leader to lose sight of the greater good and seek after personal gain. There were plenty of wealthy business men during Gandhi's time, plenty of famous people with designer products in Mother Teresa's, lots of powerful people purporting expensive advice all around Jesus and plenty of hungry people waiting to be fed during Buddha's time. I don't know the names of those wealthy, famous, or powerful people. I know and admire these four people, and many others, because they didn't charge for what they sold. They didn't donate a percentage of profits, they donated everything. They gave their ideas, names, and lives away for free. They fed people without a dime. They healed people without formal training. They listened, learned, walked with and helped more people in one day than most people ever do in their whole lives. Then, after they died, they kept helping people.

Money is part of our world but I want to be like these people. No matter how much money I have, selling out will cost more than I can afford.