A Life Worth Writing About

Movies and books are well and good, but I’m interested in something more. I don’t want to just watch movies about amazing people, I want to be one of those amazing people. I don’t want to just read biographies about incredible lives, I want to live a life worth writing a biography about.

I have often thought about that, seeing how popular shows can become and how incredible movies can make things seem. We love to see actors and actresses become the people they portray. We see in them incredible examples of courage and love, disaster and strength, beauty and triumph and we sit in awe. But it’s when we stand and walk out of the theater or away from the couch, that’s when we should be in awe. We can make our lives like that right now, we can do those things and be those people. We are those people, that potential - those adventures are within our grasp. Becoming committed to being great, to writing that next great chapter in our human story, that's something we can all do. Lots of people are going to read it, but it's up to us to write it.