Mongolian Songs

I was just chatting with my good friend Jimi today and he asked me if I could send him some traditional Mongolian music. I thought that was a great idea and figured it would be good to share them here too in case anyone else wanted to check them out. Here six of my favorite Mongolian songs, I hope you enjoy them:
  • Echen Tansan Tan : A traditional style song and one of the most popular songs in Mongolia by Javhlan. Echen Tansan Tan means "Mom can make tea" and is talking about how great it is to be at home with family, especially with a tea-making mom.
  • Hairlaarai : A traditional style song with a man and woman singing and asking the other one to love them. Hairlaarai means "Please love me"
  • My Love : A very popular song by a pop artist named BX, about a boy asking a girl to date him cause he likes her a lot and he'll be a good boyfriend. Tunga and I listen to this all the time and I say "BX" with a serious "N'SYNC" voice to make her laugh. Hairt mini, the chorus, is "My love"; conveniently hairt is pronounced "heart" means love in Mongolian.
  • Altan Urag : A new band that mixes traditional instruments (such as the horse headed fiddle and throat singing) with new modern instruments
  • Buruugvi : A traditional song between a man and a woman about how the other one can do no wrong. Buruugvi means, "Not bad" and they are saying the other person might make mistakes but they are not a bad person and they love them.
  • Amidral : A traditional song about the joys of life in Mongolia and how good life can be, also by Javhlan.