My Sister's Wedding

I want to brag on my sister a little bit. Her wedding was wonderful, she is wonderful and her new husband Chess is wonderful. I am so impressed by them both. They had such a relaxed wedding and everyone smiled so much that I think all of our faces were sore for days. The ceremony was very simple and very comfortable, definitely the kind of wedding that I look forward to having some time (a long time from now). She was thoughtful about the ceremony, about the music that she and Chess picked out (which was lighthearted, romantic, and funny all at the same time), and all the supplies that were used which were environmentally friendly too (cups, plates, napkins, and so on). I put up my favorite wedding pictures on Facebook and there are many more, growing day by day, at Shutterfly. It was an honor to be in my sister's wedding and it has always been a privilege to be her brother. Thank you Anna, for being so wonderful. I love you very much.