That Tall White Guy

In America I think it’s a little harder for me to know who I am. In Mongolia it’s a little easier; for one, I am one of maybe 30 tall, white, American guys in a population of 3,000,000 people. I am also the only person named Travis in the country, so far as I know. Here in America I smile at people, ask how they are, tell them thank you and that I hope they have a great day yet they still may never know who I am. In Mongolia people say the name “Travis” and people I have never met know who I am. I am that guy.

It’s not good or bad though, it's just different. I am more than my name, tallness, whiteness, Americanness or guyness. Sharing kindness, appreciation and love is more important than me and definitely just as important here in America as it is in Mongolia. Whether or not people know me, I hope that they are able to experience those things through me. I bet if I wore a clown suit here in America I would get the same looks that I get in Mongolia. Also people would definitely remember me. I would be that guy… -insert amazed stare- Yeah, that’s the one.