So You Are Happy?

I haven't been in America more than two days, but it feels like I have been here for a week. It's crazy! Things move so fast here and there is just so much going on. Everything in the media is like an action movie: commercials, television shows, radio, whatever. BAM! BOOM! YEAH! AWESOME! BUY IT! NOW! YOU'LL BE HAPPY! HI YAH!

I'll tell you what I think, life is far more interesting than the drama. Life is far more satisfying in small ways than big and a life filled with love and simplicity is way better than anything on a screen.

Alex, my wonderful Peace Corps sitemate (we live together in the same city) in Mongolia, caught me on Google Chat this morning and asked how I was. I said I was doing good and then she said, "So you are happy?" I thought to myself, yeah, well, I think so, right? Hahaha The fact is in Mongolia it's easier to answer that question day to day. Life is simple and it's much easier to keep track of the fact you are happy. Plus no one tells you that you aren't happy or that you could be happier (like the media?), which helps a lot. I smiled and said back to her, "That's a really good question Alex." Probably the most important question I have heard in a long time. I think the more I ask that of myself and everyone around me everyday, the better off we all will be.