Freak Out List

I anticipated being freaked out in America and started a list a while back of things that I thought would do it, but I am surprised at how many of the things that are getting to me are really small. It’s more societal, systemic. Speed. Seriousness. Work. Cleanliness.

It’s going to be a mentally complicated trip for me. I am trying to take it in stride and stay focused, but it’s pretty intense. Things freaking me out so far: People Talking Schedules Unimportant Words Appearances over Content Media Massive Amounts of Disposable Stuff Quality Disposable Stuff Worries about American Politics/Economy My Head Feeling Full After A Two Hour Conversation with An American Understanding Everyone’s Conversations Americans Talking Really Fast International Airports Wanting Me To Pay for Wireless Wanting to Speak Mongolian a Lot Beautiful Bathrooms Pizza Hut Pizza So Many White People So Many People Made Up All Pretty People Too Busy To Smile Back People Not Enjoying Work Free Toilet Paper Sinks with Soap and Paper Towels Punctuality Shrimp and Fruit Smoothies at Pizza Hut (Ate Here Twice) Americans Only Knowing How To Speaking English Americans Doing The Same Disrespectful Ignorant Stuff People Have Done To Me Like Silly Sign Language and Talking Louder Instead of Slower, Sigh, I Will Never Do That Obesity How Important Smiles Are Getting Tired of Talking Getting Tired of Listening How Much I Enjoy Silence Starbucks Still Being Way Expensive People Sitting Alone Serious Employees A Life Is Good Store Little Privacy Lots of People Catchy Business Logos and Phrases Blonde Haired People Listening to “A Long Way Home” The Fact That It’s Only Been 24 Hours “Yanaa” (Wow in Mongolian)