A Tall Order

 "Your work is to discover your world and then with all of your heart give yourself to it."

This challenge from Buddha is a tall order. I feel like I have been improving on achieving this, but I think it will be the challenge of my lifetime.

Discovering my world involves constantly stepping out of a comfortable place and painting a truer picture of our world as it is. We live in a beautiful and difficult place - thinking of the richest person and then the poorest person I know quickly brings that point home. My world includes all people, all places, everything and yet I know so little of it.

Giving myself to the world with all of my heart involves love at a level that few people dare to go, beyond partners, family and friends, to all people. It is likely the greatest and most difficult thing I will ever do. Service, love, compassion, kindness... These things don't have an occasional place in my life. They are my life. Thinking of the poorest person I know and then asking myself whether my next action is going to help that person is a task set before me every moment of every day.