Icing on the Cake

My good friend Shaw has always impressed me with a habit of his that I love. Every time we go on a trip or make huge plans, he will always say the same thing: "I just want to (insert simple expectation) and anything else will just be icing on the cake." His simple expectation could be to smoke a cigar, see a lighthouse, hike up a mountain, or eat some homemade ice cream while watching LOST, but his goals are always simple, achievable and then help put everything else in perspective for me. Every time he says it I just smile and realize that that's all I really want to do too, everything else really will just be icing on the cake. I love it and we always have incredible adventures because of it!

From here I out, and on every trip I take, I will always separate the cake from the icing. And believe me, it's almost all icing.

My birthday cake from the Lynch Boys, with my favorite sayings