Love Is Always Wireless

Introducing The Chase Vaughan Wireless Connection
"Love is always wireless." - Founder of

Press Release
January 26th, 2009
Eastern Frozen Steppe, Mongolia

At 6am, Eastern Standard Time, the least densely populated province in the least densely populated country in the world had it's first known wireless connection activated. It was a quiet event, attended by only one participant. "It was an incredible moment," reflected Peace Corps Volunteer Travis Hellstrom when asked for a statement, "It opened up all kinds of new possibilities for me, with AirTunes, my iPod Touch, and just laying around anywhere I wanted to, with internet right at my fingertips!"

The Apple Airport Express, which made this event possible, was given as a generous donation from Chase Vaughan, a close friend and supporter of the Volunteer. "Chase sent the package exactly 6 weeks ago," said Travis, "It took some time, but it was worth every luggage-crushing puddle jump, Mongolian mail truck and camel ride that was required to it get here. All of us, all the Peace Corps Volunteers here, will enjoy this for months and years to come." Currently there are 4 PCVs serving in Sukhbaatar province and they are all eager to surf the web together, talk with their friends and family back home via Skype, research upcoming Scouting merit badges to teach the kiddies, download resources for teaching English, watch the latest episodes of LOST, control music while sitting in the kitchen, and surf the internet in the bathroom.

"The first thing I did was start up AirTunes, which lets you play music wirelessly from your computer, and went through my entire album of Chase's songs. He's not only a philanthropist but quite the musician." When asked what he would do next, he said it was a toss-up. "Either watch LOST, or update my Facebook status while sitting in the bathroom..."