My Favorite Part of Lynch House

One of the greatest years of my life was my senior year of college. There were a lot of reasons for this, but I can easily say that the biggest reasons were Chase, David, Wee, Pawan, Garrett and Tim. I was lucky enough to live with these incredible guys and they changed my life. They showed me new ways to measure success, be a leader, an adventurer and a friend. We lived together for a year and saying goodbye to that year was something that was hard for all of us. We had Halo nights, fire drills, made chocolate chip cookies, experienced Wee Wan's Banana Night and Moon Cake festival, played at least 57 soccer games until sunset, played frisbee games all around the house and the campus, opened David's new MacBook, ate incredible dinners at P.F. Chang's, watched dozens of Netflix movies, camped on the beach, played tons of 6+ hour games of Risk, nicknamed Pawan "The Dictator", spied on Garrett and Kelly, stared at Chase & David's incredible ceiling, got Tim, Pawan and Andres to make peace, took Wee to Kentucky for Thanksgiving, had a Christmas Gift Exchange, watched half a dozen movies in the theater, made a movie about Gandhi Gazoo, played baseball, watched Wee and Pawan have some kind of telepathic connection when no one else could hear the other one ("Wee? Wee needs me. Pawan?"), made jack-o-lanterns, made people piss in their pants on the Haunted Trail, were astounded by Wee the crazy clown, made trips to Hickory to eat at Akito's, convinced people that aliens will come in 10 years, finally got into the basement, made oatmeal cookies and coconut cream pies, went to an interview with Peace Corps, visited the famous Fort Sumter, had phone wars between David and Pawan, visited Crabtree Mall tons, ate at Sunni Skys who knows how many times, made jerseys for Lynch United (the coolest team ever!), made Garrett laugh the funny way, ate at Hibachi Grill, ordered in pizza and played games all night, solved the Rubik's cube, saw Wee perform his recital, ate a pyramid of Chik-fil-a sandwiches, gave the Dictator the Golden Axe, had dozens of late night conversations, had an end-of-the-year gift exchange, addicted everyone to LOST, and eventually went to graduation, but not before everyone listened to quotes like "For the love of god! Wake me up!" - Garrett, "Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, ToyoTAHHHHH!" - Wee and 50 mph soccerball, "It smells like something died in the basement...animalwise." - Garrett, "It's the Da-Da-Da-Da-David Rengifo Show!" - Travis & Chase, and "There are aliens...that's a fact. Give it ten years, you'll see." - Pawan. All of this happened in one incredible place that none of us will even forget, Lynch House.

So when my good friend Shaw Rowe messaged me with this message and this picture, I thought to myself about all the incredible memories (Orientation, Fall, Winter, Spring, Graduation) we were all able to create together in this special place and all the future memories will be able to create because we met.

"Lynch House is no more. To all the good times you spent in this house, pour out your best drink, toss a morsel of bread and dream a happy dream, for tonight the house will eternally rest. Thank you Lynch House, you served us well."

I am very grateful for all the incredible friends in my life and the amazing experiences we have been able to enjoy together. Thank you Chase, David, Wee, Pawan, Garrett and Tim. You are my favorite part of Lynch House.