Nice and Cozy

My trip into the capital was very nice and very fun, but I definitely missed home. I missed the simpler life of Baruun-Urt, the nice cozy apartment, my coworkers in the hospital and especially my Peace Corps sitemates. Coming home was even worth the crazy long bus ride back, costing me a little bit of blood, sweat and tears. Tears because the sun shone right into my eyes for a large portion of the trip, sweat because the heater on inside the bus gets incredibly hot, and blood because, well, a large piece of wood fell out of the overhead compartment above me when we were taking a sharp turn and the corner of the board nailed me on the top of my head. Crazy huh?

Anyway, after getting back with only minor scratches, I realized that I really like where I am and I am very glad to be in Baruun-Urt. I think it's a very special place. Oh, and also on the topic of nice and cozy, I got a new winter parka with fake fur around the hood! It's so awesome! I look like one of those guys from the Arctic!