New High

As I heading outside in the the middle of the night to use the fo-cilities last night I was pleasantly greeted by the most stars I have ever seen at one time. I am a big fan of our universe (or, more precisely, a little fan in our big universe) and I love the opportunity to see so many stars just like ours filling the beautifully dark sky. Flying into the capital city of Mongolia exactly one month ago day, I remember looking out the window of the airplane like most people do when they land. As we descended close the runway, I thought surely there must be some lights somewhere. Every time I have ever landed in an airplane, there have been lights dotting the landscape all the way to the horizon, but not this time. This time there were no street lights, no house lights, no anything. I saw a dark sky above a slightly darker carpet of land. I like that about Mongolia. They are a pretty low-profile people, who are genuinely conservative about their resources. Coming from America, where we light up trees in our front yards at the night and can barely see the stars, this is a welcomed change for me.