My host sister just came in this weekend from her aunt’s place in the “hoodo” or countryside, I think because she missed being home, and we have been playing games non-stop! Frisbee, soccer, football, volleyball, Spongebob Uno, poker, hearts, ankle-bones, horse-race, tic-tac-toe, and the game Anna taught me where you connect dots to make squares and if you make a square you write your initial in it, we have been playing it all! Not only that, but I am floored by how fast my host brother, sister, and mom can pick up on things like how to play a new game or how to throw a football or frisbee. Within a couple of minutes my host brother could throw the frisbee in three different ways with both his right and left hand and my host sister could throw it perfectly from between her legs. I can’t wait to get them out onto the field so that we can dominate all the other kids, it’s gonna be crazy.

We also played for a couple of hours with the neighborhood kids, but just in the streets beside our house until it got really dark and cold and we had to go in. We played soccer, volleyball, football, frisbee and some kind of volleyball-dodgeball mix I haven’t quite gotten a grasp on. Anyhow, soon this little team is gonna start traveling around to challenge all the other kids with our spiraling footballs, behind the back frisbee throws and mind-boggling Uno skills. Oh also, it took a while and a few drawings in the sand before I figured it out, it appears my host sister isn’t heading back to the countryside any time soon so it appears we are gonna be partying like this for a while!