Shower Less

I haven’t taken a shower in over two weeks. I know how that sounds, but don’t worry, I am very clean. I wash my hair every morning, wash my whole body regularly and even clip my nails. How does he do it? With a dab of shampoo, a little bar of soap, a tiny washcloth and a few cups of water which sometimes has chunks of ice in it. It’s a crazy feeling knowing that I drink more water in a day than I use for showering or restroom facilities (or “fo-cilities” as Mr. Lindenson would say around 2:25), but that is exactly what I do day in and day out. In fact, for the record I haven’t sat on a toilet seat...or even seen a over two weeks either. It’s kind of nice to know that you don’t have to have running water to feel clean, but don’t get me wrong I do like showers.