My Mac

Michael Lee recently reminded me of how much I love my Macintosh computer. I got my Macbook (I sometimes call her Mackie) on July 17th, almost a year ago, and I still get excited every time I open it up or press the on button. I know there are a lot of opinions out there about computers, maybe especially Apple computers, but personally I am a big fan of the MacBook and feel like Apple has made an incredible product that has helped make my life more fun and effective. It helps me organize my thoughts, store all my videos and pictures in a fun way, interact with my friends and family through a convenient webcam and microphone above the monitor, easily locate wireless signals for easy access to the internet, play music and movies with great sound and video quality, interact easily with my other electronic devices and still lasts for 6 hours per charge. I think there are a lot of great computers out there with all kinds of specifications and attractive features, but I can say from personal experience that the MacBook is definitely one of those great computers. I am definitely a huge fan.